10 things to know about learning photography

10 things to know about learning photography

10 things to know about learning photography

Here is 10 unique ways to learn photography.

1. Taking your camera with you everywhere and snapping away to see what results you can achieve, can be a challenge in itself. Understanding the functions & settings of your camera is KEY to successfully creating the photographs you want.

2. Reading you’re camera’s manual is a good place to start. If your stuck on some aspects of your camera, for example F/ stops, ISO, Shutter speeds, White balance and so on.

3. The style of Photography your interested in. Looking around on the internet or magazines at the photographs you like & understanding, how these photographs where taken.

3. Finding a great source of material by looking around on Youtube, or photography websites can be a massive help in learning techniques.

4. Joining a camera club, or trying one2one courses can be a great way to learn from others. By talking to other camera enthusiasts, can be a great way of learning.

5. Workshops, lots of photographers provide workshop training this can be one2one training or groups. Another great way to learn in the field from beginner to intermediate right through to advanced skills.

6. Entering contests is another good way to learn photography, a confidence booster and can provide critique and feedback about your work which is always important.

7. Asking you’ve family and friends to rate or judge your photographs is a great idea.

8. learn at least one new photo technique a week this way your learning skills will improve at a faster rate as a result more understanding of photography.

9.Learn photo shop or light room to improve your creative photograph talent.

10. Have fun while learning you’ve photography, if you enjoy it you will learn faster.

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