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Wedding Photography temptation.

Wedding Photography temptation.

Wedding photography temptation.

Do you want to become a wedding photographer or try it for yourself.

Wedding photography temptation, finds its way in to many photographers. At some point whether you wish to try it or start a business from it.

Sometimes it simple boils down to just giving it a go or tagging along with a pro photographer. This would be my suggestion after all the stress is not on you but the lead photographer.

Assisting another photographer will give you not only an overall experience of the wedding day. But general routine and how the day unfolds as each wedding is different.

This blog is aimed at photographers of all levels that are interested in becoming or even trying out their photography at a Wedding.


Your Level.

Most of us think that we can take a perfectly good photograph of just about anything you like, and in most cases is correct, However understanding the concept of what you want to achieve can very different, For example you have just purchased your fist digital camera naturally you want to go out and shoot pictures, don’t we all, However most of us in time learn what makes and looks like a good picture from bad or boring picture to something a little more thought out, In time and learning from others we can make our own personal goal of where we want to be in the field of photography, Whether we do weddings, portraits, landscapes, lighting & flash photography, travel, and many others, so after a set time and learning not only your technique but your equipment as well.

Why Weddings.

Why not it is after all still photography and is of a timed nature, but most importantly it’s not something to be afraid of, the only level being that you feel that you’re not ready for it, this could cover many different aspects of why you think you’re not ready, Equipment, time spent as a photographer, attitude.. lets look at Equipment. you don’t need super expensive Equipment to cover a wedding, I have read of people taking pictures of a wedding using their mobile, however the level of quality would be a reason, and whether you are delivering the last images to a would be client, I’m sure that this would be cause for concern for them, being paying clients etc.

So what Equipment would you need, I do have this deep belief of traveling light, keep equipment to a minimum for lots of reasons, but this is just my point of view, Of course a DSLR camera is required along with a nice choice of lenses in my case 3x lenses would do a 70-200mm workhorse of lens a wide-angle lens and something middle of the road 24-105mm or 85mm these would be more than enough to cover the entire venue.

Time Spent as a Photographer.

You don’t have to have 10 years as a photographer to start doing weddings or even 5 years really there are photographers out there with far fewer years in the field, however coupled with attitude and passion, commitment this will drive you to cover weddings.
Only you yourself will know if you are ready for them, but remember never underestimate your abilities to make anything.


Planning is in my book is essential dealing with the clients direct, getting to know them so the day goes smoothly, is a very good start, visiting the site either by yourself or with the clients is also important for you know the site and can plan your photography on the day, as working out where you want to shoot, where you can shoot, as on the day there is a time reason to consider.
Will there be indoor pictures required, will you need a flash etc, these all come into consideration when planning, Of course planning takes time but its part of the wedding photography venue and excuse the pun but is married to it.
Prior to the big day I would concentrate on going over in your mind and using reference images of the site to remind yourself of the site and what photographs you want to achieve prior to the venue as this will help as the site recce could have been several months before the venue day.

On the Day.

The big has arrived and at time especially your first wedding you have nerves to the point that you think that your the one getting married, but on the whole keep thinking of what you want to achieve from your pictures, and remember that nothing ever goes to plan you may well have thought of everything that you need for the day and where to shoot, but 9 times out of 10 something will change and you will have to think on your feet, so having some back ups plans can help.


Never be afraid of shooting a weddings, as long as you have a well thought out plan and have all the information you need, it should run smoothly, remember things can change and seldom always do, so quick thinking can help, as well having someone with you it does not have to be a one man band having someone with you to hold your equipment or lighting is always a plus just remember in most cases weddings photography is a paying profession so pay your helper for there hard work.

I hope this is a helpful blog for all those who are considering taking on wedding photography.
and lastly enjoy it, it’s not rocket science.

Many thanks for reading.


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Wedding Photography in Kent

Wedding Photography in Kent

Wedding photography in Kent 

with Simon Everett Photography Kent.

We know that your wedding photographs are of key importance to you. Once your day is complete your photographs will stay with you forever. So keeping your special day memories Vibrant, and something to look back on time and time again.

This is why my aim is to capture every possible moment so that your day will be unforgettable.

 I am passionate about what I do and always go that little bit extra to make sure that you are completely happy with my level of service. Visiting your venues beforehand to discover the best shots angles and lighting on the day. I keep in contact with you from the point of booking until your wedding day to make sure you are kept in the loop & make sure that you can contact me at any time for added information about your venue day.

The offer of pre-wedding shoots, and pre-wedding boudoir on selected wedding photography packages. I want you to feel comfortable and trusting me with your big day. I offer you a choice of effects in your final photos from light rays reflections through to black white images and colour correction. Bringing the best results for your wedding photos.

I look forward to seeing you on your wedding day.  

Simon Everett Photography Kent

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