Coronavirus and You’re Wedding.

Coronavirus and You’re Wedding.

Coronavirus and You’re Wedding.

With the rules easing what does it mean for your wedding.

With many countries becoming locked down more and more couple are looking for advice on coronavirus and you’re wedding.

Photographers are just one of many thousands of self-employed businesses that will suffer during this time.

So what do we know about Coronavirus and you’re wedding.

Have you a wedding booked for the summer of 2020.

As we know the government is still stopping any social gatherings.

People are to remain home, So what is your next step.

For many couples the realism of having to postpone their big day is an all to familiar scenario.

This involves contacting hundreds of guests and all your suppliers and making alternative dates for your new venue day.

Setting up a new key date with your supplier is paramount, to begin you’re replanning of your wedding day. So make sure you contact all your suppliers as soon as possible. Starting with your venue, it would be advised to have a couple of dates in mind to forward all suppliers.

Once you have more information from your venue, you can communicate with suppliers to have you re-booked back in.

Coronavirus and You're wedding

Coronavirus and you’re wedding.

Understandably this will take a little time, however be mindful that with the postponement of many thousands of weddings in 2020. Will have a ripple effect through to 2021.

As things stand at the moment many couples are looking at later in the year 2020 to re-book. Or alternatively will re-book the following year 2021.

What does this mean for you if you leave it several months? Below I have listed some QnA of potential ideas moving forward with your wedding plan adjustments.

Coronavirus and you’re wedding Q and A.

Q, Can I postpone or cancel my wedding Photographer?

A, check with your photographer and contract, You have drawn up with them. For many it can be a simple case of postponing. However, make sure you provide alternative date(s) as soon as you have spoken to your original venue planner. If you decide to cancel you may well lose deposits and monies paid, postpone is the way to go.

Q, Can I just postpone and wait till later in the year?

A, Many photographers will be ok to postpone, as you still require them to photograph their big day, However it would be very wise to provide alternative date(s) as soon as possible in order to re-secure your venue day. Leaving it till later in the year would have an impact on some suppliers will have potential double bookings, as you can imagine couples only just starting to look at wedding dates right now will be trying to secure key dates as well.

Q, When Should I contact my photographer with regards the Coronavirus?.

A, if you have a wedding booked for 2020 it would be paramount to contact your photographer as soon as possible, to see what your options are.

Q, Will I lose money if I postpone my wedding?

A, check with your photographer I think in many cases if your simply postponing and re-booking with them you should be just fine.

Q, Will I have to draw up a whole new contract?

A, more than likely not as long you contact your photographer keep them in the loop with new dates, and if anything is changing for your original wedding.

These are just a selection of questions and what to do, whilst many venues are closing their doors to wedding gatherings.

Feel free to contact me if you have been effected by the Coronavirus outbreak and your wedding plans have had to been scrapped.

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