Kent wedding professional photography

Kent wedding professional photography

Kent wedding professional photography.

“Hundreds of couples, thousands of photos.”

I have been a professional Kent based photographer for 10 years. I have photographed many weddings with many different styles, met many interesting couples along the way. Been overwhelmed by some of the wedding venues I’ve seen.

I see many couples at my wedding consultations & they all have an exciting story to tell about their day.  Of course it can be an expensive one to plan, and we want to remember our special day after all. So careful thought of your photographer that your comfortable with is vitally important.

When to start looking

Many couples have been instructed that they should find their photographer as early as possible. As if left to late the right photographer for them will be hard to find. I couldn’t agree more. There are many wedding photographers across the South East region all different entry levels to professional levels. However choosing your style is important to you as there are many different looks and styles to choose from. And you will always see a particular style that you like and would love to have at your own wedding. These are just some in my wedding gallery.

So what do I provide for your wedding photography. I offer free consultation for all couples after all you’re looking at hiring me because you have seen my work. Or have been referred by a friend, so to get to meet you and see samples of both my work and albums. I provide a hands on look at my work, my passion for what I do best.

I offer a variety of packages for all budgets with hours to suit, and a flexibility second to non. Along with my unobtrusive approach to my work. I will go through all the details of how I work, how I will arrange your day with regards photographs. Gathering the group shots and formal shots, before looking at your venue place. So I know exactly what images and visions I have of your day before your day.


I love to plan, my wedding photography, I love to work out the best places at your venue site from lighting to positions, so on the day it will run smoothly so you have not got to worry about organizing family and friends, just leave that to us.

Once your day is Over.

When the day is complete and all that remains is some confetti blowing in the wind. This is where I go to work by editing in most cases some 1000 images. (average full day wedding) Each image will go through a selection process and rejects will removed as I see fit. I want you to have the best choices, I will  make some lighting changes some cropping and the last editing filter effects. Before I save your files in high-resolution ready for you album selection process. I will send you your files in low resolution only for proofing purposes via an online gallery straight to your inbox. You will be able to make your selections and I can start your album design. Once this is complete with your choices we will proof the album. I want to make sure your happy with the design layout. When complete I start the ordering process and within 2 weeks you should have your album with your precious wedding day images delivered to your door.

Does it end there…

No, I keep all your images for up to one year after your special day. I will notify you to say that it’s been almost a year and I will be deleting your file to make room for others. This gives you the opportunity to buy in that year further prints or enlargements or extra parent albums. This kind of flexibility I feel is the right way to be without pushing after sales at you and also a more affordable way to keep costs to a minimum.

We hope that you find this information of use if you would like further information on My wedding or portrait services please feel free to contact by clicking here.

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