Learn Photography in Kent

Learn Photography in Kent

Learn photography in Kent


Pretty much most households today own a camera of some description. Whether it’s a aging SLR to a modern day DSLR to your camera phone, how we choose to use it though is how we live our lives.

For that everyday snap shot will normally do it. However understanding as much as we can about our camera opens many more doors to our photography, With sharing with family & friends on social media. To creating works of art that we can call our own.

You would be surprised how many pictures we take each year, so what makes us take a photograph.

For many of us we just like the convenience of taking snaps as and when required when something happens a funny moment to something an event we may see on odd occasions, For the rest of us those a little more into taking photographs we are constantly looking to up the game and create something better than we did before, because for that few of us who own more than just a camera phone we want to create that special photo from architecture to that amazing sunset.

Learning about photography takes time and is a subject that I feel does not end as there is always something new to learn in an ever changing world.

So why are you looking to learn more about photography,? simply because you have creative abilities that you want to excel at and share with others your talents.

So what is there to learn about photography and your camera, answer many, many things so straight away our mind set has to be over a period of time.

Taking on to much at once is not the answer learning a subject that you want to achieve is.


The Learning.

Where to start first off you would need to know the niche of photography you are interested in for example, landscapes, portraits, Long exposure, weddings and so on, once you know the subject matter it is time to begin.

Choosing your way to learn photography is a matter of preference do you self teach yourself via the internet or do you prefer a more hands on practical method. This is where I can help by providing several one2one courses designed for you to suit your requirements.

My courses cover a wide variety of aspects that once complete you will be free to explore more challenges and place them into practice for yourself.

Some examples of my courses can be found on this link to learning photography


Courses range from beginner moving from auto is always the best place to start if you are unfamiliar with your camera and settings, after which settings and general photography courses would be the next step, these courses start from 3hrs and extend to 5hrs courses as sometimes there are time constraints with normal life commitments so spreading the courses can help and that way your not taking in to much to soon to remember.

Always remember that learning photography takes time and commitment but above all have fun with it, and never be afraid to ask for help there are many ways to seek assistance my website being only one method.


Below are just some example of what you can achieve.


For details on my photography courses you can either use the contact us page in the main menu or click learning photography link above.






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