My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride ?>

My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride

My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride

In 2014, I was asked by a friend if at short notice (two days) if I could cover a wedding in the Luton area of Bedfordshire.

This is My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride


I accepted immediately who wouldn’t.

My BBC Experience of Don't tell the Bride

I had no idea at first my clients were going to appear on the TV series don’t tell the Bride, so My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride begins.

This is a short insight into My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride.

I am driving my way up the road to Bedfordshire to photograph a wedding for the BBC TV series. How cool was this I’m thinking, many thoughts went through my mind prior to covering the venue. As two days is not long as I don’t know the clients at all. To the point that I don’t even know what they look like.

However, that’s all part of the thrill of My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride being a wedding photographer. You never know what to expect.

Once I arrived at the venue I managed to find the Groom fairly easily, we chatted for a few minutes, so I could get a run-down on their day and understand the idea of what the groom wanted with regards their photographs.

It wasn’t very long before the Bride arrived, and I swung into auto, let’s take some pictures.

I guess after so many weddings the auto mode kicks in, and you are looking at every possible angle to shoot knowing what lens will suit, where people are heading, while keeping an eye on the lighting condition another part of My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride.

The general rule for me when shooting any wedding is to know what to shoot when to shoot ahead of schedule, however sometimes things don’t always go to plan so with some quick thinking I try to keep ahead of the game.

Full Wedding venues…

They seem to fly by, they really do when you’re out there shooting away the time really flies by and next thing you know you finished it’s late at night, however in this case I was only required for set amount of time.

Working with the BBC

I did not have any issues as I have read some blogs that camera crews getting in the way and there are problems etc, however although the film crew were always about doing their job I was just as much there doing mine, so a compromise is in order most of the time you can work out where the film crew will be moving so you can work around them easy enough.

I had plenty of chances to take photographs of the couple, in this case even when they went up in a hot air balloon, taking into consideration having the right mix of equipment also helps.

Would I work with the BBC again

Of course, after My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride. I’m looking for the next one. Providing something unique for others to see and share, as in this day an age, sharing is a key part of learning.

Do I do rush weddings

Simply put yes as long as they can be done enough to do, taking into consideration travelling etc there is no reason not to, again it’s something I do and have dedication in. Obviously it’s always nice to have as much information about the couple, site, times as possible, this is where you get to know them prior to the event, as normally they feel more at ease, however in some cases a rush wedding can be equally rewarding as a planned one. The same goes, for the couples, they adjust very quickly.


That’s the other guys’ problem haha

Was I on TV?

Yes, I did happen to sneak myself into a few frames 😉


Being a photographer for part of a TV show does not feel like it then as photographing the wedding I’m used to seeing many cameras to video camera’s of guests, and at the time I am not thinking too much about the film crew but concentrating on capturing the couples’ day.

For anyone thinking of photographing a wedding or event with film crew from any TV broadcasting company, don’t be nervous as they are doing their job whilst you’re doing yours, and at the end of the day it’s fun.

Do I feel any different?

Of course, I feel proud that I have done this, it’s not a job you have every day and helps towards your photography experience, I would look forward to photographing another.

Here below is the photograph used on the BBC website.

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My BBC Experience of Don't tell the Bride
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My BBC Experience of Don't tell the Bride
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