Night Shoot at Bluewater ?>

Night Shoot at Bluewater

Night Shoot at Bluewater

“Bluewater Lights”

Night shoot at Bluewater

A Trip to Bluewater in Kent that busy shopping complex, setting up for a night shoot and how it went.

This time for the festive lights around the centre and to do some

Long exposure photos. I have the good fortune to be joined by a fellow photographer

Dan who contacted me about some Photo trips, so we decided to join up and set off for a night shoot at bluewater to see what we could find.

We started off with some long exposure shots as Bluewater is a busy shopping centre

So having no shortage of light trails to photograph.

Afterwards we decided to have a good look round at the other lights sources that are available during our night shoot at bluewater.

And there is no short supply of these, from decorative trees to reindeer.

We eventually found a nice quiet spot with some small pond area which presented some great

Reflections against the light up buildings during our .

So what equipment did we use.

The most important piece of kit required for a night shoot as well as long exposures is yes you guested it A Tripod, to stop camera shake a tripod is a must any good stable tripod will do it does not call for really expensive ones, however based on experience a heavyweight style normally works best.

We both used a wide-angle lens for the duration of the shoot and with the camera in Manual mode using different shutter speeds to carry out different looks, with ISO ranging from 100-800 depending on the amount of light in your shot.

All in all a great night shoot with some great results, thanks to Dan for coming along it was lots of fun and I’m sure that there will be another trip very soon.


They vary using Manual mode

f/stop 10-11 to 13-14 depending on the amount of light in your images to start with

shutter speed I was using anything from 3 seconds to 15-30 seconds again depending on the available light in the image

ISO I tried to keep it as low as possible 100 however keeping below 800 worked fine.

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