Photographing a Venice Cruise ?>

Photographing a Venice Cruise

Photographing a Venice Cruise

My Trip around the Med, Via Venice, Italy.

During November 2015 I travelled from Venice, Italy through, Istanbul and back via Croatia to Venice. Photographing a Venice Cruise, here is all about My Photographing a Venice Cruise, This trip took quite a bit of planning from finding the places I wanted to see through to what equipment to take.

As a professional photographer photographing a Venice cruise was one of my highlight experiences, I do select my travel arrangements on what I can photograph more so than a holiday to sit by the pool etc strange maybe, but that’s me.

Where to go…

Each year I do look for something different, a different culture, different scenery and the people who live there. Obviously, I look for pretty good weather climates as well. Let’s be honest, I don’t want to sit in a hotel room watching it rain, however that to can have some advantages and different results, but that’s another story.

The world is a huge place, and I will never get to see everything in my lifetime. However, to me personally I can look back easily now say to myself I have done something with it. I have seen plenty of amazing places & people culture along the way.

Photographing a Venice cruise, below is a small choice of photographs from my trip around three distinct ocean environments over a 10-day period.

What to take…

When photographing a Venice cruise or indeed anywhere in the world, Taking equipment away to another country can be risky, therefore the amount of equipment has to be restricted. I do like to travel as light as possible, as I would never pack a bag with equipment into a hold. For fear of damage or loss, all my gear will go with my travel gear bag. So be sure to check international security measures. Which in today’s world has become more and stricter each year.

My gear will normally consist of 1 DSLR. I will take the grip off to lighten the load, as I use pro grips at every shoot I do. But for travel I can live without it, there will be a black rapid strap that slings around your shoulder this is the most comfortable strap., I have ever had. At times, you can’t even feel that you’re wearing a heavy camera around you.

I have never used a standard neck strap, as the weight pulling on your neck is something that in time can do damage if you’re not careful.

Other items to consider will be shuttered release, Nd filters such as a polarizer filter, and if using filters a travel tripod. Now tripods are normally large items to carry on board and some do fold down into small delivery systems for ease for travelling with so it’s a good choice for me.


So that’s the camera, as for lenses I try to limit myself to just two, a wide-angle and general purpose lens. Now there isn’t a rule on what lenses to take, it’s your choice at the end of the day that works for you. I narrow it down to two, either the 24-70 f/2.8 or a wider angle lens, lets say 17mm-40mm.

The remaining kit will be a charger, batteries, memory cards you can fill these up quickly so on average I can take at least 8 just in case. I have not found that taking a hard drive unit to download to a must as yet, however it’s nice to know it’s an option for the future.

Other little things to are cleaning clothes, an HD camera go pro style camera with me now. As In some cases I go ocean snorkel diving and what better way to show this in taking a camera with you that can handle underwater shots to add the fun of the trip experience.

What to look for…

In the planning of a trip, I know roughly what to look for and the images I want to capture. Furthermore, there will always be more to see and to photograph along the way.

I’m always looking for great angles and lighting. Sometimes just watching a subject or moving to a new location is common. It’s also not uncommon for me to shoot photographs using a mobile device. Yes, I guess it’s bizarre when people can see you a big camera hanging from you.

Furthermore, your mobile device affords the ability to send photos direct to social media, great fun for friends family to see what you’re doing.


Planning my trip is always a great challenge. I always look forward to knowing what to take with me and what experiences I will have along the way. But I always like to travel light as possible, one bag to fit it all. Knowing that you’ll be carrying this bag with you most of the time. So be aware of what to take and what is not required, there are plenty of video tutorials on how to travel with your photography gear.

If you would like to know some more about me and my travels, or perhaps you’re in search of a photographer, you can contact me here

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I hope you enjoyed reading about my photographing a Venice Cruise.

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