Photoshop & Light Room Training.

Photoshop & Light Room Training.

Photoshop and Light room training.

Are you a passionate photographer, are you now asking yourself, Would like to advance your photography editing skills.

Photoshop and Light Room training designed around you. Perhaps you’re just looking for some basic photo editing skills, to compliment your photos.

I am now providing Photoshop & Light room training at your location.

Most of us know about Photoshop, a place to either create basic edits to your photographs, to becoming a place to creating some amazing creations.

So why Lightroom

Light room is a great multi functioning peace of software, For photographers & Editors, that look for a creative inspiration with their workflow.

From the creators of Adobe Photoshop, Light room provides better workflow for photographers. That either want a controlled workflow creating their work. Managing your work with Light Room is a must for all photographers.


How does it work?.

Providing one2one training from either your home or a neutral place. Each course will involve the use of your own computer or Laptop with Photoshop or Light room already installed. Courses are designed to cater for basic training to more advanced training. From understanding the interface, to use of tools that you will be working with.

Access to an extra plug and some space in which to work.

Photoshop and light Room training


Packages available

Photoshop basics package

3hr course was £125 OFFER £105

3 hr course

5 hr Course £150

If you’re new to Photoshop this course is for you. Photoshop Basic covers everything you need to start off in Photoshop. From importing your photographs Jpegs, camera Raw files. Re-touching images, working with layers. Understanding the Photoshop interface, Re-sizing your images, blending & transforming.

The course will cover, the basics functions and tools to enhance your photographs, and really get you into the world of Photoshop from cropping, and exposure curves, colour changes from simple black & white and colour to cloning, and removal of unwanted objects in your photographs, to making selections in your photos.


Photoshop Advanced package

£175 Discounted OFFER £125

3 hr course

5 hr Course £160

Combined 2 courses basic & advanced only £200 6hrs worth of training.

This Advanced course will cover the more challenging tools. From the pen tool to working with actions. Creating your own actions, to special effects, & using the tools and functions that you may know or have learnt from the Photoshop basics course.

Change your photographs in many different ways. Working non destructively with your images. Change eye & hair colour add effects and much more.

Learning Photoshop will take you into the whole new world of seeing you’re photographs come to life forever.


Light room essentials course

£125 Discounted OFFER £105

3hr courses.

5hr Courses £150

Light room is a photographers essential peace of kit to deal with your workflow. Managing your photographs in a much faster way is essential, in producing images for your clients. Light room can be used for adding filters, To your photographs and creating a style all your own.

Light room is very similar to Photoshop, both created by Adobe, they have very different uses to every photographer.


Travel costs may be incurred depending of distance.

Feel free to Contact me today, To find out more on how you can start editing your own photos with ease. Click here for more information.


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