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Wedding Trends for 2020

Wedding Trends for 2020



With the new year incoming it’s time to know what wedding trends are in for 2020.

So your planning your wedding, you’re in search of all those suppliers it’s a big list to go through.  When you have a minute to show perhaps the thought of what is this years wedding Trends are in, especially with the importance of looking back on your day.

So lets look at what trends are in for your wedding for 2020…


1, Lighting.

For 2020 lighting is becoming a big part of the wedding trend with more and more couples looking to have that ultimate lighting wedding image that they can treasure share on social media. 


2, Crafting

Crafting your own design for table decorations is on the increase. With more couples choosing simple but very effective crafted designs for there special day ranging from large floral designs, to rustic and elegant.


3, Live entertainment

Live bands, and entertainment professionals are all the thing at the moment and are on the move into 2020, Having attended several dozen weddings which provided both Live bands and professional magicians is definitely on the rise.




4, Wedding fashion

Wedding fashion will always be a high trend all the time weddings are around. having the next generation dress with either complicated designs or just something that reflects your self will always be a main priority.





5, Less the carbon footprint.

Couples are asking caterers & bar staff to provide re-usabe drink stirrers and straws, trying to avoid the use of plastics at all costs. Using less soy based inks for invitations and signage is also in.




Wedding Photography Trends for 2020 is all about what’s in for this year and what may carry on for 2021 & beyond.

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