Wedding Nerves

Wedding Nerves

Wedding nerves.

Each and every wedding comprises not only gathering suppliers and keeping to your budget as best you can, But on the day nerves pop their head around the corner, like a driving test or that all important exam.

Wedding Nerves.
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From that Pre bridal preparation to the moment you spot your betrothed for the first time that day, Nerves are all part of your special day.


I.D the problems?

It helps to make a list to find the issues that you’re concerned about and to place them into a perspective.

So how do you manage them?

It helps to have positive friends around you, friends that are close enough to you to engage with about your big day.


As natural as it sounds but taking deep breaths does actually help, try to stay calm and flexible emotionally and physically.


Always think about your posture try to avoid looking at the floor keep your head high and eye contact with everyone, let the family & friends around you see how happy you are.


Allow yourself some pampering, enjoy it after all you are the centre of attention, smile, deep breath and avoid conflict.

The Big Day?

Go over in your mind how you see your day from walking down the aisle to raising that toast at your reception straight through to that first dance, this shows confidence in yourself and will take away the unknown.

Most important?

Keep smiling, smiling covers many angles about your day, it relaxes your face, your structure, it shows people around you how happy and stress-free you are and above all your photographs will shine because of your smile.

These are just a few ways to relax and take away some of that pre-wedding stress from the groom to bride it all counts, in the same way, A wedding is a special day with lots of preparing with time and energy to put together so have fun and feel the love romance as it all comes together for you both.

If you would like to ask me any questions about your special day, perhaps you have questions with regards poses and facial expressions then please feel free to contact me either direct by phone live chat you can find on the home screen or email. I am more than happy to talk with you about any matters that you’re concerned with.

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