Wedding Photography Trends for 2017

Wedding Photography Trends for 2017

Wedding photography trends for 2017.

With the new year started it’s time to know what wedding photography trends are in for this year.

So your planning your wedding, your in search of all those suppliers it’s a big list to go through. But when you have a minute to reflect perhaps the thought of what is this years wedding Photography Trends are especially with the importance of looking back on your day. Through your wedding photographs here, we go through your Wedding Photography Trends for 2017.

So lets look at what trends are in for your wedding photography for 2017…



1, Documentary style…

Documentary style is still very hot in the minds of couples today as a wedding photography trend. Wanting to capture there day as it happens is what couples are looking for. And in some cases more so than the staged posed looks. Some are going for the more dramatic style or with the fun theme element through in the mix. With younger couples they are focused on having there close friends in on there photographs for staged looks with that fun element shining through, for other couples they are going with the Cover magazine documentary style that staged look, that image they can look back on time and time again or that photograph they can hang in a canvas format or framed print in there home for all family and friends to see.

Stunning wedding dresses brought to life with us. We want you to look amazing


2, Black and White…

Black and white is still as popular and trendy as ever with more and more couples wanting that artistic look and feel for there wedding photography, black and white photos speak volumes for dramatic and powerful images, as well as the romance they present. In some cases the only way to go is black and white to express that true artistry for your wedding photographs.

capturing that natural romance and passion


3, Drones…

Yep it has to be said since the arrival of drones in the last couple of years, more and more couples are trying it for that unique look and feel and simply for something different for there wedding photography/ video, as all drones now can capture both video and stills and angles that unless your photographer starts bringing step ladders or a hot air balloon with them can longer achieve, however with drones comes a few extra issue’s cost being one finding a photographer/ videographer to do this is easy enough as long as they know the laws as flying a drone around built up area’s does pose some issues, as well as now adding to your budget a cost of a drone operator and stills photographer as trying to perform both is a little to much for one person. Without doubt another popular wedding trend our drones.


4, Cake styles…

Finally cakes get what there just deserve a trend placement. Having photographed many wedding cakes over the years there has been some amazing designs and my hat goes off to the those cake makers as they are truly works of creative art, Cake design is a massive business today and comes high on the list of wedding suppliers so whether your looking for that simply cake design to multi layered cake platinum edition with all the bells and whistles the choices are huge. Cakes will always win a good score as far as wedding trends go.










And to my last trend, themes, yes themes are so popular today and have been getting steadily more and more popular in the last year, from retro to vintage, to that marvel superhero look, I have seen them all, each time I have a consultation with my couples they all have their theme to tell, from just there overall look and colour scheme through to something special they require for there special day. This reflects in there wedding photographs as well the fun element in some cases to the most serious and artistic feel, I cater for various effects from vintage look to marvel characters to that all important having a star wars base in a moonlight shot.


The marvel theme


Themed wedding photographer

Wedding Photography Trends for 2017 is all about what’s in for this year and what may carry on for 2018 & beyond.

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