Wedding Romance

Wedding Romance


Photographing the Love & Romance.

Any good wedding photographer passionate about what they do will always look for that, ultimate wedding photograph that look of pure passion, love & Romance between couple.

From the moment you start taking photographs of the happy couple from the moment they meet at the end of the aisle to their formal photographs one of two things will happen.

You will see the emotions of the couple as they are together those looks of true love and dedication, or the time when you may have to prompt the couple into those poses and maybe a few special looks, which isn’t bad in most ways due to the emotional stress of the day can be a little overwhelming for some couples.

Capturing those unique memorable moments will make their photographs shine for all time, you will know the look when you see it. But remember not to over do it or make it look to false, try to relax the couple by relaxing their posture arms, stance, & shoulders all help to make that extra special photo.

So what poses do you use and what works best, well there is no set practice each photographer has maybe their own particular style & look, normally a little research prior to the wedding day is always a good start, having this knowledge before, hand will help you to during the formal shoot.

So what works best…

Having photographed many studio portraits & fashion shoots it is always nice to try new techniques and methods however using the hands & arms & moving the couple around slightly proves to be the best, from simple movements & hands positions, head tilting slightly can work wonders for the overall finished shot.

I have included some images here of some recent weddings with some unique poses and looks of love and romance.

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