Wedding Trends for 2019

Wedding Trends for 2019



With the new year started it’s time to know what wedding trends are in for this year.

So your planning your wedding, you’re in search of all those suppliers it’s a big list to go through.  When you have a minute to show perhaps the thought of what is this years wedding Trends are in, especially with the importance of looking back on your day.

So lets look at what trends are in for your wedding for 2019…


1, Venues & Colours.

For 2019 venues have been the key to couples searching for the perfect place for their wedding day. There is a large increase in manor style buildings to Golf club house with amazing views for all to see.

These venues are amazingly decorated to the highest standards by couple to make it their own, for the pleasing eye of their guests.


2, Table decorations

Metallic & Geometric styles are definitely in for 2019. This trend has grown very fast in the last 6 months with the geometric angles and elegance of different table decorations found. It’s no wonder why couple are choosing this simple form of style for their wedding.


3, The wedding dress

Where would a wedding be without the wedding dress. 2019 will be seeing even more lavish wedding dresses, as it progresses through the year. With more elegant & intricacy of designs that just shouts out romance. Brides all across the Uk are wanting to stand out with something amazing but practical enough to move around in.


4, Cake styles…

Cakes get there just deserves a trend placement still. Having photographed many wedding cakes over the years there has been some amazing designs and my hat goes off to the those cake makers as they are truly works of creative art, Cake design is a massive business today and comes high on the list of wedding suppliers so whether you’re looking for that simply cake design to multi layered cake platinum edition with all the bells and whistles the choices are huge. Cakes will always win a good score as far as wedding trends go.




Themes, yes themes are so popular today and have got steadily more and more popular in the last year, from retro to vintage, to that marvel superhero look, I have seen them all, each time I have a consultation with my couples they all have their theme to tell, from just their overall look and colour scheme through to something special they need for their special day. This reflects in their wedding photographs as well the fun element in some cases to the most serious and artistic feel, I cater for various effects from vintage look to marvel characters to that all important having a star wars base in a moonlight shot.


The marvel theme


Themed wedding photographer


6, keeping it casual.

Weddings are becoming a casual affair this year, Younger couples are choosing the more laid back approach enjoying their day with family and friends, very different from the traditional wedding scene, why because casual weddings have that no fuss about them which many couple are liking the style of. Being less formal is now all the trend for 2019 it seems with the continued introduction of photo booths to add that silly let’s have some fun and make a wedding day to remember.

7, Outdoor wedding.

More and more couples are choosing the outdoor venue more than the traditional indoor or church wedding, Couples love the outdoors and choosing the right month in the Uk is a huge debate, as lets face it the weather in the Uk these days isn’t the best by a long shot. Even though the warmer months will make up the main choice for many couples wanting their special day in the late summer sun, Making many couple choosing the Q3 as their choice of their wedding day, which one will you pick.


8, Food display.

Nearly 50% of couples are choosing to display their food and opt out of plated food. Food displays are becoming ever more popular for 2018 showcasing some unusual displays of food at their weddings.

by customizing their offerings to fit in with their style of wedding couples are choosing this approach as a more flexible option and to break the tradition of the more sit down formal dinner. These options change from wedding to wedding from Pizza vans, Donuts & even using the wedding cake as the desert, to ice cream trucks, it’s fun stylish and quickly, so if your planning your wedding have a little thought about what you would like to do as your formal dinner.  

9, Hair and Makeup.

In 2018 Hair and makeup will continue to be a huge part of any wedding day with all brides looking for the style and colour that blends with them best with the help of make up artists and hair stylists which together bring the bride the elegance they come to expect on their big day. Many brides will go for the minimal is best approach while others will go full force with glowing skin. With so many artists out there the choice is vast so feel free to start researching for yours.



Wedding Photography Trends for 2019 is all about what’s in for this year and what may carry on for 2020 & beyond.

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