Whats involved with Your Wedding Photographer ?>

Whats involved with Your Wedding Photographer

Whats involved with Your Wedding Photographer

Whats involved with Your Wedding Photographer

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So whats involved with your wedding photographer.

Time to plan your wedding & you’re in search for your top photographer.

With so many choices  around it’s hard to know where to startand know whats involved with your wedding photographer.

Normally we start by looking at some nice pictures in the internet to start with. Soon we see the style we like and pin point the photographer direct.

This is the process that we all normally take in knowing whats involved with your wedding photographer.

Below are some more details to help you choice the right photographer for you, and a better insite to whats involved with your wedding photographer.

Please sit back grab a coffee, brew or other tasty beverage and let’s get into Whats involved with Your Wedding Photographer.

The search

When choosing a wedding photographer or knowing whats involved with your wedding photographer is it a simple choice of choosing  just a photographer with a camera. Or choosing a Professional Wedding photographer with a passion for what they do, And do they do it well?

I see many thousands of wedding photographs on my travels all around the country. I always look for the ones that catch my eye. Not only in quality but more importantly approach.

Choosing a wedding photographer from looking at there work, Seeing their style for you is a key part of your special day.

Are you looking for Documentary style photography or the more natural fun element to your photographs. As well as capturing the romance of the day & not forgetting the detail touches too that you have worked hard over for many months.

Continued search

All these things can be easily overlooked, Try not to shop on price when budgets are tight it’s easy to look for the pound signs before the work photo work examples.

Talent, skill and ability to provide stunning photographs is definately whats involved with your wedding photographer, and all that goes into them behind the scenes. Choosing a photographer to getting involved in your magical day as more a friend than just a supplier. Get to know them so on the day it’s literally like seeing an old friend, of which everyone is more relaxed.

Your day

So I ask all my wedding Couples the style of photos they would like in order to produce some amazing results. As soon as the wedding day has gone then the editing process begins.

My style is most often described as creative documentary photography. Capturing your day as it happens, capturing creative portraits of the two of you as your day unfolds. Most couples I speak to prefer this approach to capture the real emotion of their day without the intrusive camera being in front of them all day. They are extremely pleased with there results & at times where unaware that I was there apart from formal photographs. A lot of this is getting involved with your wedding photographer.

Final details

I always look for interesting light, different angles, backgrounds and textures to bring out the best for your images. Resulting in works of art that you will look upon time and time again.

With only Artistic excellence in mind & passion for photography you will be 100% satisfied, with my results in part this is whats involved with your wedding photographer.

After your day

When your special day comes to a close & when guests have gone home this is when the I get to work. Editing your images to make them stand out. I am a full-time Editor of images as well as a professional photographer and I personally edit all your images from start to finished.

It can take up to a 10 days for me to process your photographs, After an average days wedding a 1000 images it’s not uncommon.

Not all of them will make it through my strict post processing process, Either duplicate or images that I feel are not good enough will be taken out of the whole process. Until I am left with only the best images available to present to you for proofing.

Something to consider when choosing your photographer:

Do you judge the photographer by the price? such as if a photographer offers £250 or £1000 what’s to consider. By knowing what style of photos you would like your self is the first part. Then looking at the photographers style.

As we all have our own style of photography, something very important to consider is… does your photographer do weddings as a hobby a beginner or an on professional level this is quite importnat in the question of whats involved with your wedding photographer.

The way to tell is by either their photographs if they take the time to edit your images chances are they are professional enough. To take care in promoting their work. However there are plenty of photographers that I refer to as “images straight from the camera photographers” with no editing lighting or corrections to the final images that you are purchasing with your photography package.

After all these photographs are for life & to showcase to everyone you know, so without question you want the best. Ask your photographer have they been a photographer long is it something they do as an interest or hobby.

Every would be wedding photographer has to start somewhere from the ground up so if there honest enough & are just branching into wedding photography they should mention this to you. Getting involved with your wedding photography is important. He or She will be with you all day in most cases. Plus you want to know them a little not like a stranger on the day.

What to look for

 Lastly we have all heard the saying “You get what you pay for” wedding photography is no different this does not mean that if you pay £1000 you will get the best by no means but always check the background of your photographer, simply seeing if they have the following:

A website any serious wedding photographer will have one to promote their work.

Have they done weddings before, Ask them ! are they new to wedding photography. have they samples of their work.

Do they supply a contract are they insured, I supply contracts and insurance both these provide peace of mind to couples as things can go wrong and with a contract it’s all legal as can be.

Something Simple to remember on How much you should spend…

In the Uk Alone I see a pattern of the following categories of Wedding Photographers

£500 – £1000 Low cost Wedding Photographers with a variety of scope on their package deals

£1000 – £2000 Mid Range Wedding Photographers middle of the road photographers with high values with very good satisfaction levels.

£2000 – £4000+ High Cost Wedding Photographers for this amount I would expect a lot for my money as in finished product and extras.

Most Wedding couples budget for the Low to mid range wedding photographer, with the occasional High end request.

Weddings are an expensive event for any couple so choice a photographer wisely.

What’s the best advise I can give couples who are getting married…

End result

Never judge your photography budget to low. Your photos will be your lasting memories of you special day. With so many couple left upset and very disappointed with their choice of cheaper alternative photographer who forgot to take into account some of the above mentioned ideas and planning themselves for your day.

A professional photographer will put in the time an effort needed to capture your day the way you want it with the right gear and more importantly the skill of being a professional.

Along with hours of post processing to make you shine after the event is finished, where by cheaper photographers will shoot and burn with flat dull images unedited, popped on disc maybe, I would suggest placing at least 10% of your wedding budget for the photographer as a photographer is fairly high on the must have a list for your wedding day.

Something about my service level and commitment…

So when do you get to see online proofing:

On average there will approx: 450 images for each couple to browse through as I feel any more takes some hours to look through and this amount is a comfortable amount of images and time to look through at any one time, However this is sometimes the case if two photographers are at the same venue so more images will be supplied for proofing. This also depends on how many hours your services are Required.

What do you get to see:

The images presented to you will be a mix of Black & white and colour images with some being referred to as specials, these images would have had some special effects added in post processing to give them the wow  factor, this can be anything from lighting effects to adjustments to backgrounds, foregrounds to colour changes and in some cases image manipulation, these processes are the topic of conversation during the consultation process.

How long does it take to get my images:

On average it can take a week to two weeks process the images with a few extra days to have albums and photo books ordered and the whole proofing processing as well.

Do I get the raw files:

No, All raw files are the property of the person responsible for pressing the shutter on there camera and there for it is the photographers right not to issue raw files, there are protected by uk copyright law. All images that are forwarded to our clients will be the finished product ready for printing, There must be no 3rd party editing or changes made to any of the photographers work without express permission.

What are Raw Files:

Raw files are the unaltered original photograph prior to any editing. In a sense the image taken directly from the camera. A raw file is indirectly the file size of the megapixel of that particular camera for example.

A 22mp camera = 22million pixels, or approx: 20mb (megabyte) file size per picture. So for another example if you use Gmail for emails Gmail will only allow the maximum of 20mb file to be sent at any one time.

So a typical wedding photo shoot you would be looking at approx: 1000 images all at approx: 20mb raw files each image =20,000mb. Rather a lot to email or transfers to say nothing about uploading them to a Usb. So partly this is another reason that professionals always shoot in Raw.

The other part is that raw files like the size hold much more data than a jpeg file. Again with all that data we can process your images in high quality ready for you to print and show on your social media. As we have done the hard-working out part for you as standard.


At the end of this process, I feel that I offer a very Effective process from start to finish to make your experience that more enjoyable after all the images of your special day are with you forever and are to be enjoyed by yourself, family & friends.

If you have any questions with regards the whole post processing process. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’m only too happy to assist you.

For pricing guides please why not have a look here for details.

For general photography pricing please click here.

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