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Professional Wedding Photography for 2021

Professional Wedding Photography for 2021

Professional wedding photography for 2021

Pre-book you’re photographer today

With a selection of 4 great wedding photography packages available right now.

 All my professional wedding photography for 2021 packages come with professional editing as standard and free consultations.

Below are some professional wedding photography deals for 2021.

6 hours coverage Bronze package £599

This package will cover your full Ceremony group & formal photos and part of your reception up to Cake cutting*

This package comes with digital downloads of all your wedding photographs all professionally edited for you with printing rights.

Options for wedding albums available please ask at your free consultation, as well as options to extend you coverage

* cake cutting dependent on time frame mock cake cut may be required.

7 hours coverage Silver package £750

This package will cover your basic day from full Ceremony to group photos and formal photos of you both. Package will cover early reception and guests arrival.

This package comes with a digital downloads of all your wedding photographs all professionally edited for you with printing rights.

Options for wedding albums available please ask at your free consultation.


8 hours  coverage Gold package £900

One of the most popular packages I cater for, which includes a A4 hard cover wedding album, & digital downloads of all your photos, professionally edited with printing rights. Online digital gallery and album proofing. This package can cover bridal preparation through to full ceremony, group photos and formal photos of you both, to half of the reception evening. MOST POPULAR PACKAGE.


10 hours coverage Platinum package £1100

Another popular package that covers everything you need for your special day, from bridal preparation to the evening reception, group photos, couple photos, professionally edited with printing rights, Online digital gallery and album proofing. This package comes complete with A3 hardcover wedding album, Save £250 with this unique package with free consultation and album viewing.


For more information on any of these packages or all of the wedding photography packages I offer feel free to contact me here for details.

* Cover varies dependent on how your venue timings work out, but feel free to talk to me at your free consultation.

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Wedding Nerves

Wedding Nerves

Wedding Nerves.

Each and every wedding comprises of not only gathering suppliers and keeping to your budget as best you can, But on the day Nerves pop their head around the corner, like a driving test or that all important exam.

From that Pre bridal preparation to the moment you spot your betrothed for the first time that day, Nerves are all part of your special day.

I.D the problems?

It helps to make a list to find the issues that you’re concerned about and to place them into a perspective.

So how do you manage them?

It helps to have positive friends around you, friends that are close enough to you to engage with about your big day.


As natural as it sounds but taking deep breaths does actually help, try to stay calm and flexible emotionally and physically.


Always think about your posture try to avoid looking at the floor keep your head high and eye contact with everyone, let the family & friends around you see how happy you are.


Allow yourself some pampering, enjoy it after all you are the centre of attention, smile, deep breath and avoid conflict.

The Big Day?

Go over in your mind how you see your day from walking down the aisle to raising that toast at your reception straight through to that first dance, this shows confidence in yourself and will take away the unknown.

Most important?

Keep smiling, Smiling covers many different angles about your day, it relaxes your face, your structure, it shows people around you how happy and stress-free you are and above all your photographs will shine because of your smile.


These are just a few ways to relax and take away some of that pre-wedding stress from the groom to bride it all counts, in the same way, A wedding is a special day with lots of preparing with time and energy to put together so have fun and feel the love romance as it all comes together for you both.


If you would like to ask me any questions about your special day, perhaps you have questions with regards poses and facial expressions then please feel free to contact me either direct by phone live chat you can find on the home screen or email. I am more than happy to talk with you about any matters that you’re concerned with.






Pre-Wedding Boudoir Portraits

Pre-Wedding Boudoir Portraits

Pre-Wedding Boudoir Portraits

Making that perfect memorable gift of a Pre-Wedding Boudoir Portraits.

When your planning your wedding & searching for the endless amount of wedding suppliers for their professional skills to make your day that bit more special, & once everything you can think of is in place and booked, We often think of that last minute gift for your partner, that special personal something from yourself to present to them.

Pre-wedding boudoir portraits has to be among the most memorable gifts to present your partner to be. As a wedding gift your partner will only be to happy to receive.

Kent boudoir photography

A Pre wedding boudoir portraits photo shoot holds a very special sentiment. The love you share with your partner to be can be created in your gift to them.

So what’s involved in your Pre-wedding boudoir portraits.

With my Pre-wedding boudoir portraits shoot, located at my studio location in Dartford, kent. A large studio environment with space to bring a friend along for support if you so wish.

Using a studio environment affords the professional opportunity to create perfect lighting conditions in which to shoot your portrait photographs. With the use of coloured backdrops and other props and utilities available these range from seats to wind machine to a bed room style environment.

Pre wedding boudoir portraits can be photographed in many different ways from showcasing some of your wedding wear to lingerie items. From semi-nude if so required to sheer and more.

Duration of your Pre-wedding boudoir portraits.

Each pre wedding Portrait can last between 40 minutes to an hour depending on if your having a make-over option added.

Changing of outfits.

By all means brings several outfits that your most comfortable in, for your  pre-wedding Portraits. As we will shooting on at least two different coloured backdrops so the normal items of outfits brought along normally consist of white and black however please bring along anything you choose and feel relevant to your portrait shoot.

There is a changing room and make over room provided so privacy is guaranteed at all times.

Other options for your Pre-wedding boudoir portraits     .

I provide many options for your pre-wedding Boudoir Portraits. These range from make overs to photo books framed prints, canvas art etc. I can discuss your options prior to your photo shoot.

As presenting that gift to your partner to be is all important.

Photo books consist of 30 images that you can choose from your entire shoot, once taken and professionally edited for you by myself they will be sent to you via a secure password protected online gallery with instructions on how to choose which images you would like in your photo book.

Once you have made your selection the process of ordering your photo book with take just over a week and will be sent to you via signed for delivery.

Make over.

Why not add to your Pre wedding boudoir portraits a professional make over and hair styling. With our professional makeup artist who will be on hand throughout the shoot to ensure that everything is place. for you and you look amazing.

Time line.

To ensure that your portraits are ready for you in time for your wedding day. I advise that you pre-book well in advance to ensure that everything arrives in time. I would suggest at least two months in advance.

If you have any questions with regards your pre-wedding boudoir portrait shoot you can contact me here & I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively you can find my FAQ page for boudoir here as these are some of the most popular questions ask by my clients.

I look forward to hearing from you and photographing your Pre-wedding boudoir shoot, in the mean time please have a look at my boudoir web page for photo examples of my work.


Wedding Trends for 2020

Wedding Trends for 2020



With the new year incoming it’s time to know what wedding trends are in for 2020.

So your planning your wedding, you’re in search of all those suppliers it’s a big list to go through.  When you have a minute to show perhaps the thought of what is this years wedding Trends are in, especially with the importance of looking back on your day.

So lets look at what trends are in for your wedding for 2020…


1, Lighting.

For 2020 lighting is becoming a big part of the wedding trend with more and more couples looking to have that ultimate lighting wedding image that they can treasure share on social media. 


2, Crafting

Crafting your own design for table decorations is on the increase. With more couples choosing simple but very effective crafted designs for there special day ranging from large floral designs, to rustic and elegant.


3, Live entertainment

Live bands, and entertainment professionals are all the thing at the moment and are on the move into 2020, Having attended several dozen weddings which provided both Live bands and professional magicians is definitely on the rise.




4, Wedding fashion

Wedding fashion will always be a high trend all the time weddings are around. having the next generation dress with either complicated designs or just something that reflects your self will always be a main priority.





5, Less the carbon footprint.

Couples are asking caterers & bar staff to provide re-usabe drink stirrers and straws, trying to avoid the use of plastics at all costs. Using less soy based inks for invitations and signage is also in.




Wedding Photography Trends for 2020 is all about what’s in for this year and what may carry on for 2021 & beyond.

For more information on my wedding pricing you can click here

And to have a look at the wedding gallery please click feel free to click here

 Thanks for reading this blog

best wishes


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Wedding jobs can go wrong

Wedding jobs can go wrong

Wedding jobs can go wrong.


For those of us who are wedding photographers, whether you’re a professional or a beginner there can be times when things don’t quite go according to plan.

There are some situations that can happen that we try not to think about. But must have a back up plan of sorts stored away in our minds for when wedding jobs can go wrong.


For example this can range from the smallest issues too much bigger problems ensuing. Lets have a look at some of the issues you as wedding photographers could and will face at some point.

1, Equipment problems

We may have all done it as photographers at one point, we may have forgotten a piece of vital equipment needed. From camera batteries to memory cards, lenses there are many items that we have to remember to pack. For me personally it’s all about plan, plan, plan. Weeks before, night before check twice shoot once as they may say. Double checking your equipment is vital for a successful days shooting. Make a check list of what you need after all every wedding is & can be very different from one to the other. Having the equipment you need will make you focus on the day ahead.


Always arrive early to the client it shows that your prompt and professional but also your keen that simply. Having time to photograph everything you need to complete you’re in most cases contract with the client is the second best rule. And as part of the planning stage leave yourself enough time to get to different locations for the ceremony or reception etc. Arriving prior to the main couple. For me the bridal pre shoot and ceremony followed by formal shots is the real work and concentration part. Then moving on to the reception you can relax a lot more with a more open-ended type of shooting style.

3, Bridezilla’s…

Yes that word that pops up for us wedding photographers at times. I don’t always blame the bride, it’s a stressful day for them with months sometimes years in the planning all hinged on one day. If you look at it for us photographers it seems really stressful however our job is to focus on capturing it. More than stressing about it, getting your mind-set in gear and capturing those magical moments takes time. Brides can get a little uptight they expect quite a lot from there day after all and why not, when I first meet them remember your photographer is your friend and he will make you look gorgeous, if you upset him he may lose his ability to concentrate to capture you at your best. However on the day keep smiling and connect with your bride and groom make them feel happy with jokes and humorous actions as they will become more comfortable.

4, Weather…

All wedding photographers nightmares what to do when it rains.It is a question of if you have done your planning right & had a good look round the ceremony and reception locations. Then you should have made some notes on possible indoor locations in the event of bad weather. However if you know that bad weather may come into it lets say shooting in the rainy season or winter. Then equipment protection will be required from rain covers to even suitable clothing all come into play. Does the venue place provide umbrellas if not then you may have to bring some along with you. It’s the little details that show the client that you are a professional at what you do and have thought of the little details for them that goes a long way. Here is the only real-time that bad weather arrived at a wedding that only effected some formal and group shots.

5,Unforeseen problems…

Though rare on very odd occasions there could be let say internal problems. Either with families or the clients themselves there is really not much you can do except talk to the clients about how they want to do. Sadly there is no manual or leaflet on this subject sometimes what is, is what is. Though rare it’s something that can creep into your mind, clients can talk to you earlier to the big day stating that there may be a family feud going on or something similar.

6, Illness…

Do you have a contracted in place for what you do. As we often think about how we want to plan your clients day. But what happens if we ourselves become ill or have accident just before a venue date. Do you have fail safes in place, a back up photographer or a refund system in place. To try to save the day you would need to do what ever it takes to keep the clients happy. All to often I hear of clients stating that there photographer has vanished and taken their money or not offered a good service or refund, to keep clients happy. We must have something in place to counter act problems from our end as professionals after all you want the good feedback. You want the clients to pass the word around about how good your services are. So when considering your wedding photography business always think on what could go wrong and are you covered.

7, Insurance…

There is plenty of professional wedding photographers out there that are all covered with insurance. Both liability and indemnity if anything should happen during the wedding. Slips falls and after the event insurance cover is very important it covers you and other people.

8, After the venue…

You have completed the venue day you have the images and the editing begins. What happens if your clients have an issue with your choice of photographs taken. What happens then, in most cases talk to your clients and ask what they fill is wrong with the images . At first maybe they are some that feel didn’t capture the magic as they expected. Or sometimes they saw an image on your website that they wanted to replicate. But feel it does not look the same. Sadly this does come up at times though we can explain to clients that not only is their venue location unique to them. But the style of their photographs portrays this, however with editing comes most solutions with re-editing and fine tuning most problems can be solved with simply communication. You can also read more about this in my wedding workflow blog here

9, Backup…

Once you have finished you wedding shoot packed you gear away. You will have that overwhelming feeling of getting those raw images back home. Storing them safe kicks in all to often, a word to the wise backup, backup, backup once you start the upload to your pc or laptop. Make at least another or two backups on separate drives in case of damage or equipment loss once this is done you will feel a lot more at ease. Because if you loss them with no back up there gone in most cases.

10,Website showcase…

After every wedding is completed the edits have been done and the client has their finished product and the business is concluded. I like to ensure that a selection of wedding images from that event are showcased on my website. However do check with your clients before adding them to your website that they are ok with it. 9 times out of 10 they are only to happy to share their day with your website. As this shows other potential clients your work. However their can be odd occasions where by clients can get a little funny about having there images show to the world, and it could lead to court cases against you in extreme cases.

for image examples You can view my wedding photo gallery by clicking here.

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Kent wedding professional photography

Kent wedding professional photography

Kent wedding professional photography.

“Hundreds of couples, thousands of photos.”

I have been a professional Kent based photographer for 10 years. I have photographed many weddings with many different styles, met many interesting couples along the way. Been overwhelmed by some of the wedding venues I’ve seen.

I see many couples at my wedding consultations & they all have an exciting story to tell about their day.  Of course it can be an expensive one to plan, and we want to remember our special day after all. So careful thought of your photographer that your comfortable with is vitally important.

When to start looking

Many couples have been instructed that they should find their photographer as early as possible. As if left to late the right photographer for them will be hard to find. I couldn’t agree more. There are many wedding photographers across the South East region all different entry levels to professional levels. However choosing your style is important to you as there are many different looks and styles to choose from. And you will always see a particular style that you like and would love to have at your own wedding. These are just some in my wedding gallery.

So what do I provide for your wedding photography. I offer free consultation for all couples after all you’re looking at hiring me because you have seen my work. Or have been referred by a friend, so to get to meet you and see samples of both my work and albums. I provide a hands on look at my work, my passion for what I do best.

I offer a variety of packages for all budgets with hours to suit, and a flexibility second to non. Along with my unobtrusive approach to my work. I will go through all the details of how I work, how I will arrange your day with regards photographs. Gathering the group shots and formal shots, before looking at your venue place. So I know exactly what images and visions I have of your day before your day.


I love to plan, my wedding photography, I love to work out the best places at your venue site from lighting to positions, so on the day it will run smoothly so you have not got to worry about organizing family and friends, just leave that to us.

Once your day is Over.

When the day is complete and all that remains is some confetti blowing in the wind. This is where I go to work by editing in most cases some 1000 images. (average full day wedding) Each image will go through a selection process and rejects will removed as I see fit. I want you to have the best choices, I will  make some lighting changes some cropping and the last editing filter effects. Before I save your files in high-resolution ready for you album selection process. I will send you your files in low resolution only for proofing purposes via an online gallery straight to your inbox. You will be able to make your selections and I can start your album design. Once this is complete with your choices we will proof the album. I want to make sure your happy with the design layout. When complete I start the ordering process and within 2 weeks you should have your album with your precious wedding day images delivered to your door.

Does it end there…

No, I keep all your images for up to one year after your special day. I will notify you to say that it’s been almost a year and I will be deleting your file to make room for others. This gives you the opportunity to buy in that year further prints or enlargements or extra parent albums. This kind of flexibility I feel is the right way to be without pushing after sales at you and also a more affordable way to keep costs to a minimum.

We hope that you find this information of use if you would like further information on My wedding or portrait services please feel free to contact by clicking here.

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My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride

My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride

My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride

Earlier this year in 2014. I was asked by friend if at short notice (2 days) if I could cover a wedding in the Luton area Bedfordshire. Of course as photography is what I do I accepted immediately.

I had no idea at first my clients were going to appear on the Tv series Don’t tell the Bride so My BBC Experience of Dont tell the Bride begins.

This is short insight into My BBC Experience of Don’t tell the Bride.


I am driving my way up the road to Bedfordshire to photograph a wedding for the BBC tv series.How cool id this I’m thinking, many thoughts went through my mind prior to covering the venue. As two days is not long as I don’t know the clients at all. To the point that I don’t even know what they look like. However that’s all part of the thrill of being a wedding photographer. You never know what to expect.

Once I arrived at the venue I managed to find the Groom fairly easily, we chatted for a few minutes so I could get a run down on their day and understand the idea of what the groom wanted with regards their photographs.

It wasn’t very long before the Bride arrived and I swung into auto lets take some pictures mode.

I guess after so many weddings the auto mode kicks in, and you are looking at every possible angle to shoot knowing what lens will suit, where people are heading, while keeping an eye on the lighting condition. The general rule for me when shooting any wedding is to know what to shoot when to shoot ahead of schedule however sometimes things don’t always go to plan so with some quick thinking I try to keep ahead of the game.

Full Wedding venues…

They seem to fly by, they really do when your out there shooting away the time really flies by and next thing you know your finished its late at night, however in this case I was only required for set amount of time.

Working with the BBC

I did not have any issues as I have read some blogs that camera crews getting in the way and there are problems etc, however although the film crew were always about doing their job I was just as much there doing mine so a compromise is in order most of the time you can work out where the film crew will be moving so you can work around them easy enough, I had plenty of chances to take photographs of the couple, in this case even when they went up in a hot air balloon, taking into consideration having the right mix of equipment also helps.

Would I work with the BBC again

Of course after My BBC Experience of Dont tell the Bride. I’m looking for the next one. Providing something unique for others to see and share, as in this day an age sharing is a key part of learning.P

Do I do rush weddings

Simply put yes as long as they are can be done enough to do, taking into consideration travelling etc there is no reason not to, again it’s something I do and have dedication in. Obviously its always nice to have as much information about the couple, site, times as possible, this is where you get to know them prior to the event, as normally they feel more at ease, however in some cases a rush wedding can be equally rewarding as a planned one. The same goes, for the couples they adjust very quickly.


That’s the other guys problem haha

Was I on Tv.

Yes I did happen to sneak myself into a few frames 😉


Being a photographer for part of a Tv show does not feel like it then as photographing the wedding I’m used to seeing many cameras to video camera’s of guests, and at the time I am not thinking too much about the film crew but concentrating on capturing the couples day.

For anyone thinking of photographing a wedding or event with film crew from any Tv broadcasting company, don’t be nervous as they are doing their job whilst you’re doing yours, and at the end of the day it’s fun.

Do I feel any different.

Of course I feel proud that I have done this, it’s not a job you have everyday and helps towards your photography experience I would look forward to photographing another.

Here below is the photograph used on the BBC website.

More information

To contact me for details and availability with regards your wedding or indeed any form of photography you can email me by clicking here

Here is the Original
Here is the Original


The BBc website listing
The BBC website listing

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BBC Don’t tell the Bride

BBC Don’t tell the Bride

BBCs Don’t tell the Bride

Wedding Photography

with Simon Everett


Today saw very unique opportunity not only photographing a wedding. But a wedding being televised on the BBC Don’t tell the Bride. Being filmed in Bedfordshire for the wedding of David and Elle BBC Don’t tell the Bride.

I was asked by David’s friend Bradley, an old work college of mine if I would be interested in photographing their wedding for the show but of course and why not as this was an opportunity not to be missed. I spoke to David the (Groom) with literally a couple of days to spare before the event and to go through some details, Times and the date of the big day itself and how he was dealing with everything at the last minute.

Having never met the couple at all, was very different from the everyday weddings I normally photograph, but being so dedicated to my photography it was a very unique challenge indeed and something I could not pass up.

The real day:

Didn’t start as I expected to. As I always leave enough time for any wedding or shoot that I am doing I had planned to arrive at least an hour and half early which would give me time to to look around the surroundings and the main mansion building situated in the old warden park in Biggleswade, Bedford, as I have never been to this site before, However what I didn’t plan on was the M25 accident that had just recently happened  of which I was now arriving at!… Sitting in a standstill of traffic for 2 hours was not what I had in mind for this unique wedding day.

Fortunately the traffic started to move again after only 2 hours and I was able to arrive at the venue with literally minutes to spare.

I Arrived at 2:15 pm for a 2:30 guest arrival and  3pm venue start as having literally no earlier plans it was a turn up and here we go style shoot :/ tongue in cheek moment.

I met up with David and we had 15 minutes to debrief and get the game plan as well as introduce myself to someone I had only spoken to twice on facebook…

We spoke of the plan and that Elle would arrive in a particular direction of which I was now in place I was now set and ready to shoot…


First to arrive was the Bridesmaids not by car or limo, but David had thought of some a little more lets say different A WW2 U.S army truck no less which looked fantastic i might add, Which was very different as I was not expecting that which added to the mystery of the day.

With BBC film crew covering the arrival as well as myself, I had to make sure that I could get the images I needed, as snap shots are something I don’t do as a rule of thumb, if your going to do something do it well I say. Being a professional photographer I look to get the best results I can every time.

Soon after the Bridesmaids arrived Elle arrived in style in a Mercedes for her Grand Entrance, little did she know that all the guests and the Groom were waiting the other side of the main mansion building waiting to greet her, However David’s Greeting in a full size balloon would be quite a shock for Elle but a great surprise as well to see her reaction click here and have a look at their day in photos.

After Elle walked proudly by her mum and then escorted to David by a close friend, Elle climbed aboard the Balloon for what would be the first stage of the ceremony , the ceremony was video recorded by the BBC film crew and then at the same time shown to the guests waiting below watching and waiting for the big moment as David and Elle exchanged vows & rings, with a huge cheer from the guests watching on a huge television below them David and Elle were now one.

BBC wedding David and Elle
David the Groom Waiting for his Bride

BBC wedding photography
Elle and her mum arrive but not aware of the surprise that awaits her.

Once David and Elle returned to earth they were shown to the registry signing office where I had time to capture some close up personal photos of the couple, who at this point looked exhausted.

It was now onto the formal ceremony on the grounds this time, with all the guests and family close friends around them. Trying to capture photographs here was a bit of a challenge as the enclosure was quite small and space being at a premium what with the BBC film crew at every angle, but I guess they are covering  the venue just like me.

I managed to capture several images of the couple in the register room together as well as exchanging vows again along with their witnesses.

And now it was time for the family photos, I spoke to David and Elle and we got together the bridesmaids and best men along with the parents and managed to capture them all together.


David had a marquee laid on for everyone to enjoy for the evening with a buffet style dinner and bar area, this is where capturing the main speeches took place via Elle’s Mum and David’s bestman as well as David himself. The marquee itself was amazing everything you could want under one roof with countryside feel to it went down perfectly.

My thoughts

The whole day was an amazing one, with great people and a great atmosphere I could clearly see both David and Elle were pretty exhausted, but was enjoying the their family and friends around them by the time the evening had started they looked more relaxed.

As far as photographing the event I loved it, sometimes it’s great to just arrive and shoot as it breaks up the wedding photography tradition of months even a year or so of planning pre-wedding images consultations style of photographs bridal prep oh the list goes on etc.

The BBC film crew

Dealing with the film crew, I had no issues in dealing with the film crew or producers they all seemed pleasant enough and chatty, obviously we are all there to do a job and to capture film and stills of the event, after all it’s for the couple I did not feel out-of-place or had any form of hard time trying to get a good spot to shoot we were all professional enough.


I took with me my two camera bodies with a 24-70mm f/2.8 on one and 70-200mm f/2.8 on the other also a speedlight for low light conditions which was used on some occasions, as well as carrying plenty of spare batteries and memory cards, is always a must, as I was without an assistant on this occasion I wanted to travel light and not have to worry about carrying too much equipment.

Even though the BBC came ready with plenty of their own Equipment Including a UAV Drone…

BBC Drone
Drone capture

Must get me one of those..

Would I do another “Don’t tell the Bride”

Of course why not I had lots of fun I found no stressful situations what’s so ever, as being used to weddings and people and studio shoots having worked alongside the public all my working life was not a problem for me.

It can be a Daunting thought at first for anyone who is not used to wedding photography, but once your their camera in hand it runs as smoothly as you want it to, as long as you communicate with the couple and have a general outlay plan of what you want to capture on the day, as most wedding photographers always do, not too much can or does go wrong.

Final thoughts

My congratulations go out to David & Elle thank you for wanting me to take their wedding photographs on their special day. I hope that they will bring you happy and timeless and unforgettable memories for many years.

I’m pleased that I was there to help document forever all the thought that went in to the day, and convey the genuine effort that David had put into this day. They both looked undeniably happy and in love. it was simply a wonderful wedding.


If you would like to book your Wedding photography or indeed book a studio portrait session with me please contact me at the below details

Or visit my website for more details and some of my work.

Wedding of David & Elle for BBC 3 Dont tell the Bride
BBC film crew interview the couple for the show.

Wedding Photography in Kent

Wedding Photography in Kent

Wedding photography in Kent 

with Simon Everett Photography Kent.

We know that your wedding photographs are of key importance to you. Once your day is complete your photographs will stay with you forever. So keeping your special day memories Vibrant, and something to look back on time and time again.

This is why my aim is to capture every possible moment so that your day will be unforgettable.

 I am passionate about what I do and always go that little bit extra to make sure that you are completely happy with my level of service. Visiting your venues beforehand to discover the best shots angles and lighting on the day. I keep in contact with you from the point of booking until your wedding day to make sure you are kept in the loop & make sure that you can contact me at any time for added information about your venue day.

The offer of pre-wedding shoots, and pre-wedding boudoir on selected wedding photography packages. I want you to feel comfortable and trusting me with your big day. I offer you a choice of effects in your final photos from light rays reflections through to black white images and colour correction. Bringing the best results for your wedding photos.

I look forward to seeing you on your wedding day.  

Simon Everett Photography Kent

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kent wedding photography

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