Photograph restoration in kent

Photograph restoration in kent

Photograph restoration in Kent

“Restoring your precious photographs to a priceless memory again.” 

Photograph restoration in Kent is a unique way of placing your damaged beloved photographs to a form of beauty once more.

Do you have a damaged photograph that you would like restored? torn or sections missing, I may be able to help you. I can restore many forms of damaged or torn photos using many different photo editing techniques. To restore your photograph too well something that looks like a photograph again.

How it works.

I need the original photograph in order that I can scan it. And from the scan, I set to work on a new replacement photograph for you.

Once work is complete you will receive your original photograph back as well as the new print of the repaired original as close to the original as possible.

I  prefer that originals are sent to me recorded delivery in order that they are not lost in the post etc and on return they will be sent back to you in the same way


Per photograph & depending on the level of damage to repair and general photo size requirements, photographs will cost from £40. Please feel free to contact me directly for more information.

For several photographs I would provide a discounted quote for you, please get in touch for more information.

All photographs will be as close to the original as possible please bear in mind some entire sections of photographs that may be missing will need greater work for example missing torn off sections, and that the older the photo can not always be as sharp as a digital photo of today’s standards though great care will be taken to provide the nearest match I can offer.

Your original photograph will not be changed in any way only copied to provide a fresh photograph for you the result you will get back your original untouched and a new replacement.

If you have any questions please feel to contact me here.

Photograph restoration in kent

Before vintage black and White with light damage and fading.

Photograph restoration in kent

After restored with coloured added and some damage correction.

Photograph restoration in kent
The Before damaged photograph
Photograph restoration in kent
The after result printed out and restored.

Object removal, before and after, (fence)

Photo restoration


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