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Negative Space

Negative Space

So today I thought I would try a technique more than a tutorial of sorts.

Negative Space what is it how do we create it.

So put simply Negative Space is a large area of your photograph with either blank space. For example sky or large wall, textured area. The negative side is the space itself blank,empty or filled with something of the same texture. A good example lets take a plain brick wall, & within the photo a subject or person can be placed.

Lots of people who take photographs of family, friends will normally take the opposite approach a picture filled with subjects.

and what is it used for. these are just some of the questions that people ask about it.

photograph with the family member or friend very close, naturally because they want to show it to people and for people to see who it is etc. it’s the norm: However with Negative Space it’s a representation of showing an object or person in a wider spectrum, it can be a very interesting final result and provides an amazing lift to your style of photography.

Some examples below are of objects in Negative Space.
Using different angles and perspectives you can achieve different results also using telephoto lenses can also create very dramatic depth of field effects, whilst either keeping the colour effect or B&W depending of which you feel works best.
Never be afraid to experiment, as Negative Space photography can be done both during the day or night.

So why not try it today find an area near where you live a large wall or just use the sky even with a simple lamppost will work.

Quick tip if your shooting objects like lamps, pillars, cranes, chimneys etc. remember composition have the objects to the left or right of the final image this will give the negative space effect a more open look, this works 90% of the time.
I hope you enjoyed this blog.

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