Drone Flight Training Kent. ?>

Drone Flight Training Kent.

Drone flight training Kent – Learn the Rules and regulations and fly safer.

Drone flight training Kent

Have you been impressed with footage of both video and photos while watching drone flights, either on TV or via the internet? With Drone flight training Kent, you’re half way there

Drone training Kent

Do you own a drone or looking at purchasing one & would like to see one up close to see if it’s for you?

Drone flight training in Kent, will teach you the many rules & regulations in regard to owning a drone and flying it safely and following the rules et in place.

The information out there can be a bit of a minefield at times, and is always changing. Knowing simply where and where not to fly is the most popular question.

My step-by-step guide to Drone flight training in Kent will get you flying in the safest and legal way, so you can relax and enjoy your flight time.

Learn basic drone/UAV flight, away from uninvolved people and property.

Drone flight training Kent, will take you through Basic flight training and being comfortable operating in open spaces, or indeed if you live in a built-up area, where the rules really come into play, and how to avoid accidents and controlling and mastering basic flight.

Drone flight training in Kent will take you through step-by-step guidance of the rules and regulations to your Drone. We also focus on what you need as a hobbyist/recreational drone operator, understanding the best ways to practice safe drone flight, perception, & VLOS (visual line of sight).


Take impressive images & video footage.

Drone flight training Kent


I am A2CofC approved, CAA certified remote pilot.

Passing my exam in 2020

Drone training Kent

Basic flight & control training

What’s involved with Drone flying and is it for you?

Why not book an “Introduction” and see if drone flying is for you?.


Drone training course details.


Introduction Flight Package

1.5hr £95

Group courses available, please contact me for more details


An ideal course package if you’re bordering on purchasing your first drone and looking to provide that reassurance, as drones today are an investment.

There will be a test flight to see what drones can do, as well as in flight camera visuals to see the amazing perspectives that we don’t see from the ground level.



Course Offer 1

Special discounted package price for booking the Introduction Flight pack and the Flight training pack together.

Only £195


Course Offer 2

Special discounted Pack price for booking the Flight training pack & Creative flight pack together.

Only £230

For group/company bookings, please contact me direct for a quote


Flight Training Package

1.5hr £125

From pre-flight check identifying potential risks, preparing your drone for flight, to simply flight manoeuvres.

This course is, designed for first time drone operators wanted to seek experience in setting up your drone to basic flight and more importantly, staying safe at all times. Understanding the rules and regulations, Flight checks and more. This course will cover precise manoeuvres to make you a more competent flyer.


Comes complete with free video sample of your flight sent direct to you.

Group courses available, please contact me for more details


Creative flight Pack

2hr £165

Using your drone to capture incredible photos and video, this course is designed for understanding perspective, and photographing your surroundings, best practices in video footage and more.

Safety aspects, Drone regulations and more.


Course Offer 3

Special discounted course pack price for all three packs together.

Only £335

In one session or split over a couple of days to absorb the information total duration in one session 4 hour course pack



Roof inspection Drone training.

If you’re looking at using a drone for roof inspection, then there are some key area’s of information required and practical work needed to be able to start out or continue a roof inspection drone service.

This course is designed to be informative, about equipment choice, and the legal side of what is required. Flight testing a typical Uk Roof, for checking for tile damage, chimney inspection, guttering, boarding, ridge tiles stone work and more.

Course duration up to 2hrs


Group bookings, please contact me direct.



Winter Flight creative pack

2hr Course £175

Take to the winter skies with this drone flight course with a difference.

This Flight course winter pack is designed to see the surroundings after any frost or snow fall, capture the stunning landscape from a few hundred feet of your winter wonderland scene.

Take stunning aerial photos like never before with your own drone, photos to create inspiration, as well as understanding drone flight in winter, with hazard safety questions answered.

For 2x ppl £99 discounted group price

For 3x ppl £89



Drone flight courses Kent Drone flight courses Kent Drone flight courses Kent

Wedding Drone flight training.

Ever wanted to start your own business using your drone to video a wedding.

Well now you can with my step-by-step wedding drone flight training workshops.

Beginner wedding drone flight training


4hr workshop course, designed for new flyers of drones, looking to start a business, The course will take you through basic flight, safety rules, & regulations following the Drone code, how to take video footage of the wedding couple how to set and stage your shots.

The course will take you through Drone set up and pre-flight check to manoeuvring take off landings, watching for hazards at all times.


Wedding Drone flight training

Intermediate course.


So you own a drone already and have been flying for a little while and now looking at the wedding videos.

This course is designed for starting your business with your own drone, which drones are suitable, and following safety and rules & regulations at all times, to get you started on the right track in this 2hr.

Drone Wedding flight courses Kent Drone Wedding flight courses Kent


Drone Flight Gift Vouchers

valid for a year from date of purchase 

Perfect gift, get a head start in flying your drone the safe way, the legal way.

This course will take you through the basics of drone flight training. From where to take your drone out & about, types of drones available on the market, & the Drone code, Hovering and performing in flight manoeuvres, and avoid crash related scenarios.



Simply follow the link below to my booking page and select Module 12 – Drone flight training.

Booking Form.

Drone training Kent

The Course will be held Near Gravesend, Kent, Away from Buildings, vehicles and  people.

All courses are for a basic flight training & safe rules and regulations, that require by law to be adhered to. Courses do not supply certificates, as these are only required if you wish to take drone flying to Commerical sector then qualifying for the A2CofC or GVC must be taken as well as having proper insurance as well. This will be discussed during your course.

For further details, feel free to contact me today.


Drone flight training Kent

Kent Drone flight training
Drone flight Training Kent

Learn step by step setting up your drone preflight checks, dangers to avoid and how to safely enjoy drone flight as a hobbyist & recreational flyer.

Where you can fly, and fly over, & where you can’t.

Step by step control functions and directional movement, height and distance.

Bring your own drone along for your first flight or for some extra practical training.

Get comfortable with manual flight and controlling your drone in a safe and competent way.

Flights will be undertaken on private land away from public footpaths, buildings, vehicles and people, Under the regulation open category C2 – A3 Sub-category.

Drone flight Training Kent


Please note drones are not toys and are expensive from the outset, anyone bringing their own drone along to any course does so at their own risk, and would be worthwhile making sure you have the relevant insurance to cover in case of crash or malfunction, or system fail of any kind.

I am not responsible for loss or damage to your own drone equipment, and assume that each drone brought along to the course is in perfect working order and has not suffered previous damage before your course date.

Weather conditions affect all drone flights, A suitable day for your course will be based around a good clear day, without high winds, fog, or rain.


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