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Feel free to ask you’re very own FAQ-Weddings.

Here are just some of what has been asked over the many years that I have been photographing weddings around Kent and South London.



How did I get into wedding Photography?

A very popular FAQ-Weddings I get asked, I photographed my first wedding for free it was a family wedding after that I was hooked, capturing people on their special day seeing the expressions and romance where it’s tears of joy or laughter all day was magical in the making.

 What is my Style of Photography?

My style of photography is most often described as creative documentary photography, capturing your day as it unfolds.


Do you cover brides getting ready?

Yes, I do, Part of the bridal preparation involves the bride getting ready and family & friends most dear around her.


Do you cover pre-wedding location shoots?

Indeed, I can provide pre wedding portrait shoots, this helps couples and the photographer bond a little more and will help for the big day itself as you will feel more relaxed.


What about travel?

One of the least asked FAQ-Weddings, I provide wedding photography all over the Uk & internationally for more information on overseas wedding photography can be found here.

What happens if it rains?

In the event of it raining I will improvise as rain can create some very amazing photographs. However we can discuss alternatives to your formal photos so don’t worry.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

All weddings I cover myself. Extra photographers on request at cost can be provided.


Do you photograph families and groups?

Yes I do!  A wedding would not be complete without the group family photos. My aim is to exceed your expectations and provide you with photos that you can never imagine.

When will we see our photographs?

Because I take great care on your edited photos, ensuring you only receive the best results, I normally take approx  a week to 10 days to deliver the proofs for your viewing.

Should We cater for a Meal for the Photographer?

Absolutely it shows respect, &  your photographer is the person that surrounds you both all day for several hours or more in some cases, and I’m sure they will get thirsty and hungry as well.


Please remember your day will run smoothly if you are relaxed & unstressed if you become stressed then everyone else will be stressed, Your photographer is your friend.

Hours of coverage?

I provide various package deals that cover a set amount of hours of your special day in order to fit everything you require in please choose you wedding photography package carefully. For details on wedding packages can be found here.

What if our wedding runs late?

Not a problem in fact most weddings do run a little late on average don’t worry I wont just disappear, if a wedding is running over I will speak to you about this at the time, as much as you want your photographs I want to take them so timing is quite flexible.

Do you edit the photos?

I provide professionally edited photos to your requirements.


How much time do I allow for Group & formal photographs?

I estimate approx: 30–45 mins for the bride and groom photos.

We are hiring a separate videographer, is this ok?

Absolutely, I work well with videographers by working together for your special day.

Do you cover Videography for weddings?

Another popular FAQ-Weddings I get asked, No I don’t, sorry. I know of people in the business, so please feel free to ask, and I can arrange an introduction for you.


Fully insured with full PLI cover, “Public liability insurance”.

How do I hire you?

You can email me using this link, or you can complete my wedding photography booking form, can be fund here for more information.

When should I book my Photographer?

I would suggest as soon as you have your venue date booked. As this question is very popular, finding your photographer is top 5 in the getting married things. I need a list, so finding the right one with the right style and approachable is key, I can’t stress that enough.


Do you require a deposit?

To secure your venue date I operate a £200 deposit which comes off your total wedding package , simply put as soon as the deposit is paid your date is secure.

What happens if we decide to cancel?

In the event that you have to cancel your venue date, deposits are non-refundable.

I have to change my venue date after I booked you, what do I do?

Well first off don’t panic, on occasions clients do have to change an already pre-booked venue date. First thing to contact me as soon as possible to ensure that your new date is available with me. The second would be to forward me all the details of your new venue.

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