DeLorean Project shoot ?>

DeLorean Project shoot

Throughout the year I create various special projects many of them are model portraits, however on this occasion I had the unique opportunity.

A friend of mind happen to own a very good condition Delorean, or a we see it The back to the future car, from that amazing movie were Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown, travel back in time and forward again.

It all started  a few months ago when I spoke to my friend Keith, about cars and he happen to mention he owned a DeLorean!.

This was my chance to get to see one up close and photograph it in my own creative way. So we arranged to meet and drive the Car to a good location in which to shoot.

Great Scott…

The day arrived and I heard this rumble arrive at the front door, the first sight of it was it’s distinctive pointy nose bonnet, I grabbed my bag and walked outside to see the famous DeLorean  The back to the future car, was sitting outside my house.

When Keith opened the gull wing door it was a “Great Scott” moment right there I was living the cult 80s movie, the only thing missing was my hover board.

Getting inside the DeLorean was a little strange having had the standard car doors but there was something satisfying about closing these iconic gull wing door. We set off and as soon as we hit the high street area you could see people stop & “smile” from passing schools to rows of traffic at the traffic lights, peoples head where turning with that same smile I had seen from the moment we drove off.

My objective was to capture the DeLorean moving and stationary with a mix of doors open and closed , what better Car to photograph than this one.

Once the shoot was complete we stopped off to get a coffee whilst having parked the DeLorean opposite us in the car park, and once again this amazing car was centre stage, with people going out of their way to walk up close to have a look, have their photo selfie with it, the smiles on people’s faces where impressive and make you smile just to watch.

The DeLorean is an amazing car from the moment I saw it, to climbing inside was literally a step back in time for me, But now our time was up and we had to get back to our own time.

A huge thank you to Keith for giving his time for the shoot and allowing me to photograph his amazing DeLorean.

So Lets have a look at those all-important photos…

enjoy .

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