Aerial Photography services, Kent ?>

Aerial Photography services, Kent

Aerial photography services, Kent

Drone training Kent


Aerial photography services,Kent for business use and survey work, each aerial photography service, in Kent is unique and is covered by the CAA regulations.

Having that professional approach to your project or residency will save you money in the long term, as well as saving a huge amount of time and labour costs.

It will be required that both an online and physical site survey would be required before work can start to outline any risks or dangers from the surrounding area and to ensure a safe drone flight for the benefit of all involved.

 I am a CAA approved A2(CofC) certificate of competency operator   

Aerial photography services,Kent

Aerial photography services, Kent


Drone general aerial photography from £195* – consists of up to 20 images


Land Construction projects 1 from £199*consists of up to 30 images up to 30 minutes on site time.

Land Construction package 2 £275* consists of up to 50 images up to 10 min video mix, up to 45 minutes on site time

Land Construction package 3 £375* consists of up to 80 images up to 15 min video mix, up to 1 hour site time

Land Construction package 4 £575* consists of unlimited images taken up to 15 min video mix, up to 2 hour on site time

Roof inspections

Drone roof inspections single residents  £185* 20 images Extended flight time add on £250 up to 40 images

Drone roof inspections multi residents £250* extended flight time add on £325

Industrial £285* consists of up to 40 images and video footage Extended flight time  add on £385

*Travel is free up to 15 miles from my location, Maidstone area, 55p per mile thereafter.

Aerial photography kent Aerial photography kent Aerial photography kent

Site survey booking and deposit

Remote operator drone photography comes under several factors in order to complete work required, These would be as follows weather conditions and surrounding environment, including risk assessment, these services are flexible to fit In with your scheduled requirements.

Please note drones cannot be operated in rain, snow or high winds, and temperatures below 0c, as this is considered a risk and danger to the public.

What I need from you

The location exact postcode and street name as well as contact number for the day, the proposed date that you prefer. And any further information that you would like me to photograph or video as much as possible, depending on the nature of the work requirements.

A site visit will be required to survey for potential dangers, risk assessment and safety factors, as well as restricted flight area’s that maybe nearby which might not be obvious at the time.

Booking and deposit

If the site visit is positive, and we can proceed with the booking, a deposit of £85 will be required before work can commence.


I monitor the weather conditions for your area closely in preparation for the Drone flight survey and work needed, to ensure the maximum usage of the day can be achieved, which will result in cost savings.

Cancellation and copyright use of material

My drone photography services retain the copyright to all material used, We can negotiate and agree a buyout of any RAW footage or stills taken at the time of the work carried out.

All clients have the full use of footage and stills for promotions, media, website marketing, in our terms and conditions clients are permitted to use all material for their business use only & cannot be edited without prior contacting myself beforehand.

Clients are not permitted to forward or sell any materials I provide them to a third party for the use of, as this is a breach of copyright rules.


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