Photography Course Prices

Photography Course Prices

Welcome to my Photography Course Pricing Page.

I Provide several course modules covering a wide range of courses in and around the Kent area.

Photography Course Prices

Are you looking to become a better photographer, Does you camera confuse you. Do you struggle with settings & functions.

Which ever type of photography your into, and wish to improve feel free to select the right course for you.

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Beginners One2One Course
3hour module
Module 1
Basic techniques to tailored design the skills you want to learn.
Hands on Functions, Settings camera mode training.
Courses designed for you to suit your learning skill requirements.
Composition & Framing, ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture.
Tips & tricks very useful photography tips to remember when out taking photographs in all types of situations and environments.
understanding different camera modes.
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Landscape & Urban Courses
3hr module course
from £85
Module 2
Course are spent at various idyllic locations around kent.
Effective composition and the use of light.
The use of manual mode and manual & Auto focusing for ultimate control over your image making.
Depth of field.
Digital SLR & lenses.
Tripod (I have a spare if you do not have your own).
Use of filters and polarisers.
Create amazing landscape or Urban building photos, with diffferent angles textures and lighting.
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Day & Night Long Exposure shooting.
3hr module courses
from £85
Module 3 - 2x modules either Day or Night, feel free to choose which.
Learn about creating light trails and shooting Bokeh,/ Background blur, all you need to know about photography at night
Using the Bulb mode & Manual modes
Creating Light trails.
Creative light use
Understanding ISO, Aperture, Shutters, to help with low light environments.
Long exposure shooting techniques and hands on practice.
Tripod required manual shutter release optional.
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Wedding Photography Course
3hrs mulitple course modules
From £85
Module 4 - 3x modules
Have you ever wanted to try Wedding photography, but are to nervous of the responsibility. I can teach the basics of starting out at becoming a Wedding photographer, from planning your photography through to the complete day.
Course One - The Location, finding out about the Venue location, textures lighting, background and what to look for prior to the couples big day.
Course Two - The Bride, how to pose the bride, the best angles and results in which to shoot. Showing a professional level throughout the day this course offers a model in bridal wear in which to shoot pose and direct just like the on the day.
Course Three - The Equipment, we will discuss the equipment needed and is essential for a successful wedding shoot Understanding your own limits and best practices.
Save £55 when pre booking all three courses on dates to suit your needs Total 3 course package only £200.
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Studio Portrait & Lighting Course
2hr & 3hrs course modules
From £140
Module 5 - 2x modules - 2hr lighting course - 3hr model and posing course £190
Are you looking at trying your hand at studio portraits, looking for those extra skills on learning about strobe lighting.
Basic lighting techniques, getting adjusted to using a studio floor space Model portrait shooting.
Model and posing course with a professional model at your disposal start using lighting techniques, getting adjusted to using a studio floor space..
Using boom arms.
Camera settings.
Softboxes set up
Posing model, facial expressions and more.
Q n A
2x & 4 lighting rigs learning light settings.
3hr course incorporates a model for posing, and trying out a full model shoot for yourself putting into practice skills learnt.
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Flash Photography Course
3hrs course module
Module 6
This course is designed for photographer wishing to learn more about light and the use of flash / speed lights.
Using flash in an outdoor location finding the best places in which to shoot
How to compose a model
Setting s for flash photography in different lighting locations
Using two or more flashes for key lights and hair lights
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