Kent Wedding Photography Rescue ?>

Kent Wedding Photography Rescue

Kent Wedding Photography Rescue.

Have you been let down by your photographer?

Are your Photos not what you expected them to be.


Wedding rescue
                                             Before and after editing

Then maybe I can help.?

It’s never a good moment being let down by your photographer, there can be many reasons, or perhaps the photos you got back are just not what you hoped for. Kent wedding photography rescue could be of help to you.

I provide Kent wedding photography rescue service across Kent Covering West Malling, Tunbridge wells, Tonbridge, Ashford, Sevenoaks, Westerham, Cranbrook, Longfield, Edenbridge, This can include some next day wedding photography services subject to availability.

Planning your big day takes a lot of time and above all expense, & sometimes things can go wrong.

So where does Kent wedding photography rescue fit in, By simply contacting me direct using the link below, we can discuss whether your in need of a photographer for your big day, after being let down last minute or whether you would like to go over your wedding photos, with regards corrections and editing etc.

Please provide as much detail as possible this would include:

    • Your location for Bridal prep (if required)
    • Ceremony location
    • the Reception location
    • Any other locations involved on your day
    • Any specific events that must  be captured for your day
    • Photo requirements, in particular groups and family shots etc.
  • Your style of photos, Fun, Romantic, Natural etc.

Furthermore, I offer many wedding Photography packages to cover your day.

I will try to match your day depending on location whereby travel expenses maybe involved.

My Kent wedding photography rescue service provides professional editing services and wedding albums, and online galleries.

Kent Wedding Photography Rescue

Editing Services

Has your wedding photographs provided to you not what you expected.

Are they lacking any editing.

My professional editing skills may save your dream wedding day.

So how does this work.

Rules … Copyright & UK law.

Editing your images is dependent on a couple of factors.

Step 1 Having permission from the original photographer who shot them. Before proceeding to the editing stage. This is vitally important to unsure that the UK copyright laws are not broken. This would be a case of contacting the original photographer and to ask their permission to edit their photographs. Written permission would be enough.

Step 2. Once permission has been agreed I would require the original files (Raw files if possible). Or minimum, High resolution Jpegs would be the next best thing.

Furthermore, please note poor quality pixelated, jpegs would be more tricky to edit.  There would be no guarantee for quality when poor quality images are provided.

This applies to mobile camera phone photographs submitted.

For information about my wedding rescue service please use this link to contact me direct

*Once permission has been sort and you have high resolution images not including mobile camera images.

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Kent Wedding Photography Rescue