Kent Photography courses

Kent Photography courses

Kent Photography Courses.

Based in Kent, I cater for groups and one2one training to make you a better photographer.

Learn photography with My courses designed to make the full use of your camera in any situation,

from poor lighting conditions to over bright days, to action to perfect landscape photography.

Courses are set up in several Kent locations…


Riverside country park Medway a great place with access to the river, wildlife sea birds and some interesting wreck locations.

Eynsford countryside this amazing location shows some of Kent’s beautiful countryside, meeting points at the Lullingstone country park to eagle heights. Or any good site can be suitable for what you would like to photograph, contact me for details.

Wedding photography courses are also available, Teaching you all basics of what you will need site and recce work, through to planning, and looking for those all important angles and posing shots and workflow.

Courses available.

Moving from Auto.
 £79 pp 

3 hour course outdoor location


I cover the aspects of moving from auto to Aperture priority mode to Shutter priority mode to manual mode, the control of ISO,

composition, leading angles, framing  your shot, and more. tea and coffee provided but please bring your own lunch and some water.

We continue to work through what you have learned and putting them into practice situation.

We follow on from the basics of learning the main modes of shooting to ways to improve your photography, holding your camera using things around you,

shooting angles, getting you more comfortable with your camera putting your knowledge into practice, sharing your results, what makes a good shot and what may not. Please bring your own lunch.

To view more of my work why not visit my Portfolio you can right here

For further details feel free to contact me here to email me.


Beginner One2One Courses

Basic techniques

Hands on & Settings

Courses designed for you to suit your learning skill requirements.

Composition & Framing,ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture.

 3 hours £85

 5 hours £125








Landscape One2One Courses

3hour course £85 pp

5 hour course  £140

  • A typical session workshop will be spent at various idyllic Riverside locations along the Riverside Park with it’s distance views and abandoned barges. These image making sessions last around 2 hours and provide a great opportunity for beginner and intermediate photographers to develop an understanding of:
  • Effective composition and the use of light.
  • The use of manual mode and manual focusing for ultimate control over your image making.
  • Technical aspects such as; ISO, aperture, using the histogram, the light meter and long exposures.
  • Depth of field The use of filters and Polarisers.
  • Digital SLR & lenses.
  • Tripod (I have a spare if you do not have your own).
  • Walking gear (boots, waterproofs etc…).
  • Any filters/Polariser etc you may have. (I have a selection of ND/ND grad filters).






Day or Night Time Shooting Long Exposure

Learn about creating light trails and shooting Bokeh, all you need to know about photography at night settings from long exposure manual mode, bulb mode, and equipment requirements to complete a successful night time shoot I cover all about iso what works best, setting up your shot from busy urban City Scapes to Countryside stream vistas.

3hrs £85

5hrs £125

Ocean sunsets







Wedding Photography Courses

Have you ever wanted to try Wedding photography, but are to nervous of the responsibility, well  I can teach the basics of starting out at becoming a Wedding photographer, from planning your photography through to the complete day, capturing those unique shots and looking for new angles and textures and lighting techniques through to what poses work well on a location shoot, becoming a wedding photographer takes time and energy on understanding your camera settings in a working environment with a fast pace.

£85 – 3hrs.

There are three courses to choose from:

Spread over three unique courses with learning every aspect of photographing a wedding using practical camera methods, each covering all aspects required to become a competent wedding photographer.

Course One – £85 3hrs  The Location, finding out about the Venue location, textures lighting and what to look for prior to the couples big day.

Course Two – £85 3hrs Bride & Groom, how to pose them the best angles and results in which to shoot. Showing a professional level throughout the day this course offers a model in bridal wear in which to shoot pose and direct just like the on the day. 

Course Three – £79 2hrs  Equipment, we will discuss the equipment needed and is essential for a successful wedding shoot.

Save nearly £50 when pre booking all three courses

Only £200







London Greenwich Wedding Photography London Greenwich Wedding Photography London Greenwich Wedding Photography London Greenwich Wedding Photography



Studio & Lighting course

Are you looking at trying your hand at studio portraits, looking for those extra skills on learning about strobe lighting.

With using a good studio floor space with optional model element and testing 2x to 4x strobe lighting, soft boxes, boom arms  & different backdrops to create the perfect portrait.

Be ready to take those amazing family posed portraits each time with this course. Explained in practical terms how lighting works and trying first hand how to pose and direct you subject.


2hr Course from £125

Basic lighting techniques, using boom arms, camera settings, getting adjusted to using a studio floor space.

3hr Course start from £145

Model and posing course with a professional model at your disposal start using lighting techniques, using boom arms, camera settings, getting adjusted to using a studio floor space. With a variety of backdrops and 2x 4x strobe lights to put into practice your shooting techniques


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