Learn photography in kent

Learn photography in kent

“Learn photography in Kent”

From beginners to intermediate Photographer’s, or just the hobbyist want to learn photography and more about what you struggle with.


 Learn photography in Kent.

I have several option courses starting with getting out of auto through to knowing your camera inside out to understanding specific areas of which you would like to shoot.

A good balance of knowledge to get you on the right track is all you need in taking and making great photos.



“Getting out of auto

You have that nice camera you want to take some great shots but are unsure what the dial modes are, learn everything you need with my get out of auto course this 3hr course will show you how to shoot in aperture mode, to manual mode to the right exposures and ISO settings correct so your photos are the best they can be.

£79 – 3hrs.


“Long Exposure Day time – Night time”

Learn about long exposure those dramatic photos showing smooth blurred skies or water, or maybe an evening night-time shoot with those vehicle lights trail photos that you have seen on-line and always wondered how to take. Well now you can with my long exposure course designed around you to suit your time frame, with expert guidance and walk through on how to set up and equipment you will need.

£85 – 3hrs.

Long exposure photography evening



“Location shooting & Landscape”

Locations from countryside or urban city scape using natural ambient light or shooting at the magic hour.

The settings and techniques to create beautiful landscape photos, learn about Shutter speed, f/stops, ISO, Exposure, composition and more. I offer a flexible service around your hours to suit you.

from £125 – 5hrs.

Landscape photography courses.


Other courses available are:

Wedding Portrait course 3 part course

Studio Portrait course


For some examples of images that can be achieved click here

For further information on my photography courses click here for some more details.

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