Learn photography in Kent

Learn photography in Kent

Learn photography in Kent

From beginners to intermediate Photographers. Or just the hobbyist, learn photography in Kent & more about what confuses you with your camera?.

We have all been in the same situation, we have our new shiny camera with a multitude of buttons, dials, and settings, & we want to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Learn photography in Kent

I have several course modules, designed to get you out of auto mode through to understanding specific areas of which you would like to learn & struggle with the most.

A good balance of knowledge to get you on the right track is all you need in taking and making great photos with my hands on practical course modules.

Each course will consist of putting your camera into operation using the functions & learning your settings. Understanding how your camera operates, from focusing, menus options, ISO, Shutter speeds, Aperture and lots more…

Courses start from only £80 for a beginner 3hr course module.

I provide a wide range of photography courses, for everyone and every level.

These include…

Getting out of Auto

Portrait location course

Landscape & urban photography

Studio & Lighting Course

Wedding masterclass

Flash Photography

Long Exposure Night & Day

Night Sky milky way course.

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Portrait Location courses Coming to 2020

Learn to take perfect portraits, or seasons, all environments.


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