Learn photography in kent

Learn photography in kent

“Learn photography in Kent”

From beginners to intermediate Photographer’s, or just the hobbyist want to learn more about photography.


Services I provide, to Learn photography in kent.

I have three main options below to start you of at a good balance of knowledge to get you on the right track.


“Becoming a Wedding Photographer”

Have you ever wanted to try Wedding photography, but are to nervous, I can teach the basics of starting out at, from planning your day through to the entire day, capturing those unique shots and looking for new angles and textures and lighting techniques, through to what poses work well on a location & some of the equipment you will need to be successful.

£175 – 3hrs.


“Studio Photography”

Learn about strobe and flash lighting on camera and off camera the techniques & settings to create the best use of lights on your subject.

What equipment that would be required how to start off with studio work I cover everything you will need to know to set your studio off and running.

£145 – 3hrs.



“Location shooting & Landscape”

Locations from countryside or urban cityscapes using natural ambient light or even a dark evening to capture night time long exposure shot.

The settings and techniques to create beautiful night lighting, learn about Shutter speed, f/stops, ISO, Exposure, composition and more. I provide a flexible service around your hours to suit you.

from £125 – 3hrs.

Combo get out of auto course part 1&2 only £175

for a 6 hour course spread over two days.



For some examples of images that can be achieved click here

For further information on my photography courses click here for some more details.

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